10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

1. I WAS BORN IN PENNSYLVANIA. That's right, I'm a northerner, technically. I was born in Lancaster, the cutest little Amish town you ever did see. I LOVE Pennsylvania. It's gorgeous rolling hills of corn and adorable horse and buggies. Even to this day, the smell of manure reminds me of home (gross, I know), but it's a fond memory.

2. I LOVE THE COLOR TEAL. Most people know I'm obsessed with all things blue, specifically teal. The funny thing is, my favorite color used to be orange (like traffic cone orange). I'm not really sure when the switch happened, but at some point I started buying more blue things. Now, my life, wardrobe and home are surrounded by different shades of blue and it adds so much joy to my life.

3. I HAVE A TEENY TINY HEAD. You read that correctly. My head circumference is so small, I literally have to wear children's hats. It's kind of funny, but also a little inconvenient. Oddly enough, all of my immediate family has this same, strange problem. Both my parents and all my siblings have struggled to find adult hats that fit.

4. I AM THE YOUNGEST OF FIVE SIBLINGS. Okay, so technically I already did a blog post about my half brother, Tom (who I met in December, 2019), but I haven't told you about the rest of them. So the order goes, Tom, Le'Chelle, Joshua, Erin and me (forever the baby). I used to HATE being the youngest growing up. But, over time I realized, being the "baby" means that you have a lot of cheerleaders and people always looking out for your best interest. I'm so lucky to be the youngest and I wouldn't change it for the world, despite all the childhood teasing. My siblings have always been and always will be a huge part of my support system and I love them all in unique and different ways.

5. I LIKE TO WEAR MY SOCKS INSIDE OUT. Okay, so after that last one, I had to get a little silly. This sounds ridiculous, but I cannot stand a seam moving around between my toes. When you wear your socks inside out, the seam is less noticeable. So, I am more comfortable in my shoes, particularly when I run or workout. Try it and tell me what you think. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

6. I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I truly enjoy exporing new places with good friends, particularly if those places are known for their delicious food. There's something novel and fun about staying in a hotel or Airbnb, visiting local boutiques and street markets, trying new restaurants, meeting interesting poeple, exploring new cultures, etc. I think about all the places I've had the pleasure of visiting, and think how lucky I am to have been able to afford those experiences. Whether you are driving two hours, to check out a small, local town or flying halfway around the world; seeing new places is awesome!

7. MUSIC IS MY JAM. Y'all, when I tell you I LOVE music, I am not exaggerating! I LOVE music! I love finding new songs, dancing, exploring new artists. Music is a huge part of my life. I listen to it while I'm cooking, cleaning, gardening, showering. You name it, I listen to music while I'm doing it. Maybe that sounds extreme, but music puts me in a good mood and

sets the tone for my day. It's also a source of relaxation for me. I feel most happy and calm when I'm enjoying music, singing and dancing to it.

8. I SING ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. Okay, this kind of coincides with number seven. I'm not sure when this started or how long I've been doing it for, but I like to make up songs about my daily life. I have a feeling I'll probably have to showcase this one on

Instagram (@kelseybretonphoto). Think of anything that happens during your daily life, then think about someone making up lyrics to go along with it. You've just imagined a day in the life of the Breton household! You're welcome! Haha no, but honestly, if you send me a request, I'd be happy to get creative for you. Every life activity deserves a little jingle!

9. REFURBISH. So, despite my husband's hatred of this habit, I like to find things on the side of the road (AKA my neighbor's trash pile on trash day) and refurbish them. Refurbishing is not nearly as complicated as it sounds. Most of the items I find simply need a little sanding and a new coat of paint and they're good as new. It's instantly gratifying to see the fruits of your labor in your living room, on your back porch or in your guest bedroom!

10. SUMMER IS MY FAVORITE! I absolutely LOVE summer! Even though Florida is pretty hot during summer, it's still my favorite season. I love cookouts on the porch, watermelon juice dripping down my hands, a cold glass of lemonade, surfing in the Atlantic Ocean, long nights, tan lines, etc. There is something so magical about summer! And it might only be slightly related to the fact that I super dislike being cold.

Okay, so there you go! Ten strange, funny, silly things you didn't know about me! I'd love to hear all about your quirks!

Message me on Instragram @kelseybretonphoto or Facebook @KELSEYBRETONPHOTO!

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