3 Things I Would Change...

So this isn't exactly a "Tips & Tricks" post, but something to think about for your own wedding. There were a few things about my wedding that I wish I had thought of and contemplated a little harder. Things that I might change and do a little differently now that I have a little more knowledge. Just to be clear, I absolutely LOVED my wedding day! With that said, these small changes would have made the experience as a whole, slightly better. Let's get started!

1. I would definitely have my sisters in my bridal party. This may seem obvious, but

honestly, we made the decision to stick with friends only. We also wanted to make sure we didn't have too many people in the wedding party. It gets to be a little wild after a certain number. My sisters are both Tomboys and don't love to wear dresses. In my mind, I was saving them the headache of spending a ton of money on bridal party related things and preventing them from having to wear dresses. In the long run however, they are a huge part of my life. Even though they were in the precessional and a big part of our day, they were not in the main event and I wish I had thought about it a little longer before we made our final decision to exclude s.

2. Make a list and check it twice! Not just for Santa, but for anyone who is finalizing their wedding day guestlist. If I could go back, I would check that list about 15 more times. We invited far more people than necessary. Our original guest count was about 175 people. Of course, a large number on that list happened to be family. BUT, we also invited many people who we no longer have close relationships with. Word of wisdom: Choose guests who will truly celebrate with you. Guests who will make your day extra special. Guests who will dance with you! Don't choose your guests based on how close your famillies once were when you were five years old. I was so concerned with saying hello to everyone I hadn't seen in a long time, I forgot to enjoy my own wedding day.

3. Do as many pre-wedding things with your mom as possible! This was tricky for us. My mom lives in Mobile, Alabama and we are approximately 6.5 hours east in St. Augustine, Florida. My mom was beyond excited for me when we got engaged. She wanted to be involved in all things wedding related. But it was difficult to plan with both our schedules and the distance between us. If I could go back, I would plan everything around her calendar. Exactly one week after we got engaged, I decided to go dress shopping. The idea was to look at designs and styles that I might like. Because, I planned it so quickly after the proposal, I hadn't consulted with my mom ahead of time. Despite the fact that I was 100% certain I would not be buying a dress in my first fitting, I fell in love with the 5th dress I tried on. I am such a big planner, I was so excited to mark this item off the list, I decided to go for it. Exactly 7 days after I got engaged, I bought my wedding gown. Without my mom. I have never seen my mom more upset in my life. She wanted to be there for the "big gown" moment. You know, the moment where you fall in love with the dress. The moment where you look in the mirror and you tear up thinking about walking down the aisle. It's a big moment! If I could go back, I would rethink that first dress fitting, pump the brakes a little bit, and schedule that special moment with my mom present. It's something I still think about. If you have a close relationship with your mom, I highly recommend planning all the important pre-wedding events with her. You won't regret enjoying the process with your biggest advocate.

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