3 Tips for the Most Flattering Pose

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Happy Tuesday my friends! I'm actually really excited about this blog post! We are going to dive into the most flattering poses for women in front of the camera. Super quick and easy! Let's get started!

1. Find that 45 degree angle! When you angle your body just a little bit, it provides a more flattering silhouette. Let's compare the pictures below! Which one do you think is more flattering?

2. Create as many angles as possible! Basically anywhere your body bends, you want to create an angle. Bending your elbow, front knee and hips while leaning forward just slightly, will give a slimming look.

3. The higher up, the better! Photographing from above is super flattering. That is apparently my favorite word today! But it is extremely important to help your clients feel good about their photographs by focusing on the most appealing angles. You want your clients to look and feel fabulous. Because, let's be honest; when you get your photographs after a session, your eye immediately goes to yourself. You want to look good!

Let's look at these two photos side by side. Notice the one on the left looks more uncomfortable for the client. Whereas the photograph on the right, shows a more slimming, comfortable and flattering look.

I hope you find this helpful! Enjoy these Tuesday Tips/Tricks from yours truly! See you on Friday for our next venue feature!

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