A Jacksonville Beach Love Story

These two! Where do I even begin? You know when you meet a couple for the first time and think, "Oh my goodness, they are so adorable together!" That is Joe and Lex! Lex and I have a little bit of a back story. We met through my sweet graduate school friend, Layne in 2014. Lex is Layne's sister in law. We did all the fun bachelorette and bridal shower things together to celebrate her new sister in law. Lex is the type of person who becomes an instant friend. She is kind, outgoing and funny. When she reached out to me a few months ago about her upcoming wedding I was so excited to get the details! So, of course we met for a coffee and she told me all the fun facts of her and Joe's relationship and proposal story.

I was dying to know their dating and proposal stories! I thought it might be adorable, and I was right. Let's start from the beginning!

Lex mentioned she wasn't sure about Joe at the beginning. She described their initial encounter as corny. She and a friend had gone out for dinner and drinks at a restaurant in Jacksonville, when two gentlemen walked up; one offering a joke that was extra cheesy (that would be Joe). This is the part where she wasn't sure. But after some conversation, his friend convinced Lex to give Joe her number. A few months went by, they chatted, but nothing really came of their casual relationship. Lex had been living in another city at the time. When she moved to Jacksonville, they reconnected. She mentioned finding him on a dating app and thinking, "how do I know this guy? Why does he look so familiar?". Of course, they matched and have been inseparable ever since!

Joe proposed to Lex in Jacksonville beach on the 4th of July, just as the fireworks were exploding. How sweet is that?! That exact spot in south Jacksonville beach is where they began their relationship, where our engagement photos were taken and where they will be saying "I do".

I am beyond excited to capture their special day! Wedding photos to come!!! Yay!

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