A Little Weekend Getaway

I decided to do a slightly different "Feature Friday" today! And honestly, I'm really excited about it!

Welcome to the adorable, beach city of Pensacola! I have driven through Pensacola about a 473682 times (because my mom lives only about an hour from there), but only visited twice. It. Is. So. Cute.Y'all! From it's Emerald beaches, to it's historical downtown, this little city has everything you could ask for in a weekend getaway. I might be slightly obsessed! I had the pleasure of spending time on it's lovely white sand beaches with my sweet friends, Emily and Cristin while sipping champagne and enjoying the breeze. It was the perfect little getaway!

We did a lot of sunbathing, restaurant hopping and mimosa drinking! It was perfect in every way. The weather was gorgeous the entire weekend! I am honestly so lucky to have girlfriends who enjoy new places as much as I do. Of course, my friend Emily lives there, so that was yet another good reason to visit! I picked Cristin up in Tallahassee on Friday morning and we drove directly to the beach!

Check out that view y'all! Can you blame us for wanting to get us much beach time as possible? It is aboslutely gorgeous! They don't call it the emerald coast for no reason. On Saturday, we woke up early, enjoyed a little coffee and found an adorable spot for a photo session. My friends are such good sports when it comes to my crazy photography antics. Cristin was the perfect "Tuesday Tips/Tricks" model! The rest of the day was spent on the beach, with fruity drinks in our hands!

Did I mention the incredible food?! On Sunday, we did a little downtown venturing and came across the cutest coffee shop, called Fosko! It was hip and rustic and delicious!

After a quick coffee run and downtown exploration, we had the pleasure of eating at one of the most well known restaurants in Pensacola, The Grand Marlin! It might actually be the best seafood I have ever eaten! It was GRAND indeed! Can we admire this second floor view for a minute?

Delicious food, good company and gorgeous beaches are all I really need to enjoy a little weekend getaway! If you haven't had the opportunity to visit Pensacola, I highly recommend it!

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