A Mom's Love

Alright y'all, I gotta tell you about this sweet mom + son duo! Meet Cierra + Emmett! First of all, how stinking cute is that name?! I'm obsessed! Second, this little nugget might be the most smiley baby I have ever met. He is giggly, cuddly and extra sweet! I met Cierra through my friend Nicole. We dediced to have a little girl's weekend trip to Myrtle Beach, SC mid-March to escape the whole COVID-19 pandemic. We were lucky enough to have the cutest tagalong, Mr. Emmett! I thought, "this is the perfect opportunity to take some super sweet family photos for Cierra." I mean, let's be honest, who doesn't want a super smiley, model baby to take beach pictures with? (literally no one). So, Cierra got all fancied up, and we took advantage of the literally perfect photo weather to capture some super sweet "6 month" images.

Obviously our girl's trip was intended to be just that, a "girl's trip" but the circumstances of the Coronavirus called Cierra's husband, Geoff back to work. So, Emmett hung out with us instead! You would think that a baby might "cramp our style," but he made our quick weekend extra fun and playful. His sweet, infectious smile had us all swooning over him and me taking hundreds of pictures! Fun fact about me; I never quite know when enough is enough when it comes to taking pictures. I'm obsessed!

One thing I loved about getting to know Cierra, was her willingness to share her story with me. This girl, survived about fifteen hours of long and very difficult labor, starting the process at 1:30am and finally seeing her sweet boy for the first time at 6:01pm. She described sweet Emmett as "nothing I expected but everything I wanted, all 7lbs 13oz of beautiful, healthy baby."

Cierra might be on of the best young moms I have ever met. She is caring, loving, thoughtful, instinctive and gentle with Emmett. He is a lucky little dude! Shout out to Cierra for letting me tell her little story and capture some super sweet moments between mom and son! I'm not sure there is anything sweeter than a mom and son relationship! Happy 6 months, sweet boy!

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