A Year With Our Zoey Girl

I. Am. Obsessed. With. Her! As if you didn't already know that. She is the highlight of my Instagram story 90% of the time. Zoey was born on February 27th, 2019, but we got her on April 26th. Today is her official "gotcha day!"

Zoey has always been adorable and fluffy and sweet, but she wasn't exactly the easiest puppy. If you've had the opportunity to meet Zoey, you know that she will literally eat ANYTHING! And when I say anything, I'm not exaggerating. Within the first two months of having this munchkin, she swallowed a sock whole. That's right, completely whole. Like, she didn't even chew it first. This led to an emergency vet visit that wasn't exactly cheap, an ultrasound, x-rays and an IV.

Fast foward a few months, and Zoey gets whip worm. Oh you haven't heard of it? Yeah, we hadn't either. Apparently a dog gets whip worm when they eat another animals feces. The worst part, we just happened to be in Canada at the time and my poor in-laws had the pleasure of taking care of her. You would think by this time, she would have learned her lesson.

Let's fast foward one more time. A few months after our whip worm incident, I come home on a Friday afternoon to find her face completely swollen. Evidently, Zoey was bitten by something on her morning walk that just so happened to cause an allergic reaction. Another vet visit, a few shots and twenty four hours later, she is back to normal.

Despite moments of frustration and some vet bills, we love our Zoey girl. We wouldn't trade her for the world. She brings so much joy, silliness and fun into our lives and we could not imagine our lives without her. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch her grow and mature. Happy "gotcha day" Zoey girl! We love you!

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