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Where do I even begin? I absolutely adore everything about this little boutique. It's located on San Marco avenue in the northern downtown St. Augustine area. I swear I have walked past this shop a thousand times. I cannot believe I've never been inside! It's cute. It's inviting. It's colorful, whimsical and local. I am such a sucker for local businesses. They bring life and culture to our little city.

laurel baker in st. augustine florida at anchor b boutique on san marco street cute hat black and white wedding photographer and photography engagement bride and groom custom rings

Meet Laurel! The vision behind Anchor B! Laurel Baker is the owner and ring master; if you will. She couldn't be more adorable if she tried. I had the pleasure of meeting with and getting to know her this past week. She is so genuinely passionate about her craft. And she's a natural model, if you ask me. Here's why I love her boutique. She designs and creates custom jewelry. With her own two hands. I don't know about y'all, but that is a unique and incredible skill. She can create basically any type of jewelry you can possibly envision. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings! But, engagement rings are her specialty! And a huge part of the reason I have been itching to feature her shop. Laurel shared a little bit about her process with me, and I'm in awe.

laurel baker at anchor b boutique necklaces with special stones gems and diamonds with gold silver engagement ring accents

laurel baker designs custome engagement rings diamonds and gems san marco road

Step 1: Make an appointment! This provides an opportunity to meet in person or over the phone (your preference) with Laurel's focused, productive, undivided attention. It is her ultimate goal to create an exceptional experience for her clients.

Step 2: Approve the design and move toward production! I know for a fact, you will absolutely adore the design. Laurel has an exceptional creative eye.

Step 3: Once the design is approved, you have the option to pay upfront or in installments. She makes it very convenient to make your ring dreams come true.

Step 4: Ring production is in full swing, and you will receive the final product 6-8 weeks after approval.

laurel baker florida st. augustine royal greens and pinks with jewelry hat floral gorgeous custom beautiful woman bride groom photographer photography wedding engaged

When you book an engagement appointment, there is a flat design fee. With this, you are guaranteed a ring design in your budget. During your virtual or in person design consultation, Laurel will discuss both inspiration and diamond/stone sourcing. She will show you ring settings, diamonds and gemstones that match your preferences. You will have the opportunity to discuss custom sourcing for the stone that you are specifically looking for. From start to finish, design to production takes only 6-8 weeks. Laurel will put together meticulous sketches as well as specific software to complete the design for approval. It is an incredible way to create something extraordinary for your significant other.

Did you know you don't have to start from scratch? That is honestly the best part. Laurel often receives requests to redesign a family heirloom. Maybe you were gifted your great grandmother's engagement ring and want to make it your own. Maybe you have a piece of jewelry with a gemstone or diamond you'd like to repurpose. The beauty of this opportunity, is that you get to be a part of creating a custom piece of jewelry. One that is not only creative and beautiful, but also has sentimental value.

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When you order your custom engagement ring, you are ordering a personalized experience with an educated designer who also happens to have an exceptional amount of knowledge about the jewelry industry. If you want ethical diamonds, she has the connections to make that happen. If you want a special stone (i.e. ruby, sapphire, etc.), she has the resources to provide that option. Laurel is truly passionate about her boutique and her process. She will verify that all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed. You are not just ordering any ring. You are ordering THE ring. This ring represents your unique story with the love of your life.

Now to chat about Anchor B's most recent, very exciting February venture...

Anchor's Ultimate Giveaway!!

This. Is. So. Exciting! When you order a custom ring in the month of February, you receive a free, two night getaway of your choice with an Airbnb in the following locations:

Maggie Valley, North Carolina!

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina!

Saint Simon's Island, Georgia!

Talk about an incredible deal! And possibly the perfect opportunity to propose to your significant other?!

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You can find all the details about her process, giveaway and book an appointment at I can 100% guarantee you will absolutely love your experience with Lauren at Anchor B!

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