Chandler Oaks Barn!

Welcome to the lovely, photogenic, classy and beyond dreamy wedding venue, Chandler Oaks Barn in St. Augustine! I am in absolute love with everything about to this gorgeous venue. The colors! The feel! The charm! I'm so obsessed, I was one of their first brides in 2018! This was our wedding venue when we got married!

chandler oaks big white barn with gorgeous windows, barn doors and greenery

The more I talk with other wedding professionals, the more I realize how many of us decided to become a part of the industry after our own weddings. I am no exception! Chandler Oaks was a big part of the reason I fell in love with the idea of becoming a wedding photographer! I mean, look at it!!! Who wouldn't want to get married and photograph this gorgeous location?

As you turn onto Chandler Oaks Lane, you are welcomed by a lovely tree canopy road. As you continue down its single lane, a vision of white picket fences and large oak trees appear. Just a short distance and you arrive at the gorgeous, 6,000 foot Chandler Oaks Barn! The main attraction, if you will. As you step inside this gorgeous venue, you are greeted with all things light and airy!

interior of chandler oaks barn with gorgeous vaulted ceilings A-frame windows, and large chandeliers. Barn doors, planters and wooden beams.

Large, sparkly chandeliers. Gorgeous, vaulted ceilings. Sliding barn doors for the perfect bridal entrance. White on white on white! It is truly a photographer's dream! And I can say that, because I'm a photographer. Light bounces from every single surface and you can't help but be in awe.

As you enter the main barn, you receive an immediate vision of what could be the perfect wedding day. Every detail was strategically selected for the space. When you look to your left, you see an adorable little sign that reads "Bride" in perfect caligraphy. This little suite is cozy, comfortable and designed with the bride in mind. An entire wall is dedicated for all things hair and makeup, with mirrors, chairs and a countertop. The Chandler's really thought of everything when designing this space. Did I mention all the little details? Large wall flowers are placed perfectly on one wall, with gorgeous rugs, a huge white mirror placed next to a charming little bathroom and sink arrangement. There are two beautiful couches and a variety of chairs placed around the room. Everything is feminine, light and comfortable. It is honestly the perfect space for a bride and her girls.

Bridal suite of chandler oaks barn located in st. augustine in black and white

Let's move to the groom's suite shall we? This space has a very different vibe. It is masculine and cozy in all the right ways. It is a vision of dark, wood walls with everything a group of guys could possibly need; tv, dart board, chess, couch, etc. This is the perfect bachelor pad for the groom to enjoy his last few hours as a "single" man with his guys before he becomes a husband.

groom's suite in chandler oaks barn for grooms and wedding party with games and rustic decor including wood paneling

In addition to a gorgeous interior, this venue has several options for an outdoor ceremony; including a gazebo, gorgeous oak tree line and pergola to choose from. Each has it's own unique perks. The gazebo has a beautiful chandelier with a lovely wooden walkway for the birde's main entrance. With the right weather, the oak trees serve as an absolutely gorgeous backdrop. And a brand new, very large pergola, with lovely white details, provides plenty of space for several rows of chairs and a very convenient cement walkway for the bridal party's grand entrance.

lovely tree line on the charndler oaks barn property located in st. augustine with a rustic, red, antique truck and sunset background among oak trees
the chandler oaks ice cream shop and string lights in black and white on the wedding property

Every feature of this venue is designed for a magical wedding experience. You can make it modern, traditional, retro, industrial, etc. It is a blank slate! When you become a Chandler Oaks couple, you are given an individualized experience. One of the best attributes of this location is its vendor list. You can choose from a variety of vendors, including caterers, photographers, videographers, DJs, etc. They want you to have a seamless, carefree wedding experience and are willing to put in the work for you to enjoy every moment of your big day.

the new, lovely she shed located in st. augustine at chandler oaks barn with adorable decor and gorgeous antique doors

The wedding day dream can become a reality when you book your big day at Chandler Oaks! It is whimsical and elegant in every way. Of course, I might be a little biased since this was our own wedding venue. I highly recommend a visit to this adorable location! It's a quick drive from St. Augustine downtown on CR 13. I absolutely love this location, venue and vendors who are associated with it. If you enjoy clean, white, romantic locations, the Chandler Oaks Barn is the perfect location for your wedding!

Happy Friday y'all!

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