Congaree & Penn

The cutest little winery, restaurant and agricultural experience in north Jacksonville! Located off Old Kings road, this gorgeous farm location has animals, a vineyard, waterfront pathways for afternoon strolls, and the homiest restaurant space for both small family dinners and large events/gatherings. One of my favorite characteristics of the property, were of course, all of the photography opportunities. Can you say Spanish moss covered oak trees? This lovely property has something to offer for all visitors.

In 2016, Congaree and Penn began juicing produce from local farms, creating a variety of wines and ciders along with many other delicous food items. The best part; you can enjoy these treats while sightseeing. You can walk the oak tree lines, along the white pickett fence while enjoying the sight of a variety of adorable farm animals and even catch a glimse of the cutest little pond with a gorgeous foot bridge in the distance.

Did I mention dinner? With a large variety of appetizers and entrees, Congaree and Penn offer field to fork meals, ranging from clams and chorizo small plates to pulled duck and andouille entrees. The food is delicious. The cider is crisp. The view is extraordinary. The photographs are worth a billion words. It is both a relaxing environment to enjoy company with sweet friends as well as full of potential for large gatherings such as your dream wedding. I can imagine nothing more than an intimate rehearsal dinner or wedding reception under the starlit sky and stringed lights that present a sense of hominess and comfort.

Whether you are planning a wedding or in need of a brunch with your girlfriends, I highly recommend a visit to this adorable location. There are far too many charming characteristics to not visit. Enjoy a glass of wine or cider while walking the pathways to a lovely view of open fields and large oak trees.

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