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Updated: Jan 25, 2020

It's about to get personal y'all! I have a story I've been dying to share but not sure when and how to do it. So let's start with the basics. I have three siblings; two sisters and a brother. Or so I thought. Up until about April of this past year (2019 y'all), I had assumed I was the youngest of four. Little did I know, I have a half brother, who is technically the oldest. It's a long story, but the short of it is, I have another sibling! If you have siblings, you know how incredibly lucky you are. Siblings are the only people who understand every life up and down you've gone through; they are the only people who understand your upbringing and all the craziness that often comes along with it. Meet Tom, Sarah and sweet baby Ellie!

All The Pictures

During the holidays this year, I had the opportunity to meet my brother, his wife and sweet baby for the first time. Can you say, photos galore?! I took so many pictures, wanting to capture every second of our first visit and encounter. The best part is, it felt like I had known him the entire 28 years I've been alive. It was like no time had passed at all and I was spending time with someone I have known my whole life. That is an incredible feeling! Not to mention, he and his family are the most photogenic people I have ever met, so I took advantage of the situation and took as many photos as possible. If and when you read this, Tom and Sarah, thank you for being the best sports ever!

Meet Ellie!!

Meet sweet Eleanor "Ellie" Willow! Look at those cheeks! This munchkin is all smiles, laughter, love and snuggles! I'm going to add just a little more craziness to this tale. About a month following formal introductions to my new, older brother, he and his wife adopted the cutest nugget. Not only did I gain a new brother but I gained a niece! There is honestly nothing more fun than being an aunt!

Smiles & Laughter

Oh, did I mention I also gained an incredible sister in law?! This story keeps getting better and better! Met Sarah, my new sister in law! Ah! Best addition ever! She only is she sweet, loving, generous, gorgeous and super friendly; we also have a lot in common! Sister + friend is the best combination!

We spent three chilly days in December getting to know each other; laughing, smiling, eating, drinking and catching up on all the life things. I am so incredibly lucky! It's funny how life throws some curve balls. There are always ups and downs in life, but family is forever. I am so grateful to have added to mine! Now, to make up for lost time!

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