Do a First Look!

Without a doubt, the first look is the most important part of your wedding day. That sounds a little dramatic, but here's why I think it's crucial to incorporate it into your big day!

1. It's the only time you and your bride or groom will have any alone time during your wedding day. With guests, family, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. surrounding you, this moment is for you and your bride or groom to enjoy each others company one on one. You get one moment to truly be alone and reflect on the purpose of your big day. When you are the bride or groom, you get wrapped up in the details of the day and sometimes forget the reason for being there. It's easy to focus on all the tiny little things that have to be accomplished. This is your opportunity to connect with one another on an intimate level, even if just for a moment.

2. This is the first time the groom gets to see the bride! If the groom is anything like my husband (emotional), this is the time for him to work through some of those feelings. Even if your groom is not an emotional person, he will likely cry on your wedding day. He's seeing his future wife for the first time! She's not just a girlfriend or fiancé. She is a bride! She is the love of his life! And she probably looks and feels more confident and glamorous than she has ever looked or felt in her life. She exudes joy and happiness! It's a special moment, and one that should be cherished.

3. It makes for really sweet photos! Last but not least, a first look makes for really fantastic photos. I may be a little biased, but I absolutely adore watching the groom see his bride for the first time. There is no faking that kind of emotion. It is so sweet and so endearing. I also secretly love watching a groom get emotional. I'm such a sentimental person, it's one of the reasons why I love wedding photography so much.

I honestly can't recommend a first look enough. It is by far one of my favorite parts of a wedding day. If there is one thing to be certain of for your wedding day, be certain of this specific moment. It is likely the only true one on one moment you will have with your bride or groom before the wedding festivities truly begin. And believe me; when the festivities begin, there is no turning back.

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