Adorable Family of Seven!

The most adorable little family you ever did see! You can genuinely see and feel their love for one another. I had the most fun capturing these sweet memories for this family. I don't typically do a family session and engagement session combined, but this was a very specific circumstance, and honestly, the most fun! This sweet family was so excited to use their gorgeous venue ( to get both family photos with all the kiddos and engagement photos. So we did both! When you have five kiddos, it can be difficult to reign them all in for an hour of photos. The idea of giving direction to five munchkins can be a little intimidating, but this adorable group was cooperative. I have truly never met more well behaved children. They followed directions so well, I've now decided this has to be an annual tradition. And having the opportunity to help them choose outfits and props was even more fun.

I'm so excited to share their story with you! It is unique and honestly quite emotional. Without going into every single detail, let me tell you a little bit about how they met. Jessica and Daniel were truly lucky to find each other when they both needed the most support. It wasn't planned. They didn't meet on a dating app. They didn't intend to fall in love and build a family together. They met in 2009, by chance. They became friends through a mutual acquaintance and that friendship just happened to blossom into something so much more special and loving than either of them could have ever imagined.

Jessica's late husband was actually good friends with Daniel's brother. Their initial meeting happened by chance and in two very different stages of life. There was a mutual understanding and agreement that they were acquaintances. Years passed and loved ones were lost before they had an opportunity to reconnect. Daniel was the support Jessica didn't even know she needed when her late husband was taken from her in 2018. When he passed, Daniel consistently checked in with her. With two busy schedules and several children to factor in, their attempts to meet and spend time together just weren't working out. Almost a year later, after pretty consistent communication with one another, they finally had a chance to meet with their families and enjoy dinner together. That first dinner was what ignited their spark. Jessica described it as a feeling she didn't expect or understand. She remembers him looking at her and smiling and feeling a "weird electricity/butterflies" in her stomach. They became support for one another through trying times. Confidants through messages and phone calls. The feelings and relationship began to grow and flourish. They built their relationship through long distance until October of 2019 when Jessica was finally able to move to Florida. They combined their adorable households and became the blended, beautiful, unique family they are today.

On Christmas 2020, Daniel took the leap and proposed to Jessica. All the children were in on the surprise and presented Jessica with the ring as a group. Their history and lives together make this relationship so special. They are planning the most adorable wedding at Chandler Oaks Barn in October. I am so honored that I have the opportunity to share this experience with them and capture all the emotional, joyful and exciting parts of their wedding day. I have never met a family more deserving of happiness. And they have found it one another. I cannot wait to photograph their big day!

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