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Happy Tuesday my friends! Today's post is focused on having fun in your photoshoot! Being perfectly honest, professional photographs tend to be a stressful time for a lot of families. Parents want their kids to smile, focus and follow directions. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, BUT, the more stressed a parent is in a session, the more stressed and anxious a child will feel. Children are intuitive and feed off your energy. When they receive directions from many different people at one time, they get overwhelmed. Then we get meltdowns, crying, whining, frowning, etc. Children are extremely receptive to your emotional state. So, this post is for my parents! Just have fun!

Okay, I understand, that this is much easier said than done. And this is coming from the lady with no kids. I get it! You want photographs where your children are smiling and looking at the camera. With that said, it's a lot easier for me to get your child to look at the camera, than it is for you to get your child to look at the camera when you're standing next to them. Inevitably, I have a parent that is pointing toward me in their photos. Unfortunately, that isn't something that is easily edited out. Somehow I find that the more children there are in a family, the easier it is for parents to disregard the craziness. It's not easy or even possible really to control four children. But, when you only have one or two kiddos, it's a little easier to reign them in. In my experience, children don't enjoyed being man handled. They are much more likely to comply with directions when they're only coming from one person. When they are hearing voices from all directions chanting "Look here!" "Lilly, see! Look here!" "Where's Miss Kelsey?!" "Find her!" "Do you see her?" "Look over here!" Even reading these back to myself stresses me out. How do you think your child is feeling? I'll tell you, they are feeling overwhelmed. Because you're feeling overwhelmed. I assure you, your photographer can help your kiddo look at the camera. And even more than that, they are literally trained and have practiced this very skill. Yes, they may need a toy to dangle above their head. Yes, they may incorporate music, giggles, tickles, spins, etc. to help your child relax and be silly. But they are the expert! You are literally paying them to make you look good in photos. They know what to look for! They know how to get your child's attention. And if your sweet munchkin is refusing to look at the camera, your will capture as many candid photographs as possible.

In my opinion, candid photographs are loved so much more than smiling, stiff, posed photographs. When you are interacting with your children the way you typically would, your photographs will look and feel authentic. I don't know one family who's children are smiling all the time or hugging their parents all the time. It's not a thing! You can have the sweetest child around and they will still not be happy all the time or smiling all the time. It's better to interact and enjoy yourselves.

A photoshoot should be an opportunity to enjoy your loved ones. It should be an opportunity to be yourself. If that means tickle fights, dancing and piggy back rides, I am here for it! I love capturing candid moments! In fact, that is kind of my job. So, next time you schedule a photoshoot with me, remember that every moment of your session should be filled with fun, laughter and so much love. Enjoy it!

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