It's All in the Details!

Well, hello there sweet friend! Thanks for joining me again! I'm actually pretty excited about today's topic, because I am a sucker for detail shots! Whether you are photographing a bride and groom's wedding bands, creating a flat lay with save the dates and invitiations, or just photographing a new pair of earrings you found on a cute boutique website, these five tips will serve you well! So, grab pen and paper and let's get started!


Lighting is a HUGE aspect of photography, particularly when you are shooting inside. If you love a bright and airy feel to your photographs, you want to avoid shadows and low light situations. Find the biggest window! So here's the trick, you want to make sure that window is spreading soft, even light (not harsh, direct light) onto the items you're photographing. Depending on the time of day and where that window is located, creating a soft glow may require some shear white curtains. Place and face your items close to the window and get to shootin'!


Okay, most of you have already probably heard of this one. BUT, for details in particular, it's crazy important! Rule of thirds refers to the composition of items in a photograph. An image is divided evenly into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, and the goal is to place the subject of the image at the intersection of those dividing lines. You want your eye to go directly to the subject(s) in the photograph! Most people do this naturally without even knowing or understanding this rule. If it looks asthetically pleasing to the eye, you're probably doing it correctly. But in case you're not sure, here are a few examples!


This one might be specific to your style. BUT, if you read to this point, you probably have a similar photography style to mine. Which means you probably LOVE neutrals! Detail shots are meant to be just that, detailed. The best way to showcase your items is to place them in a background that is "non-destracting." Find something white! Or beige. Or even light gray. I prefer white, but that doesn't always happen depending on the location. This could be a veil, a white table, a blanket, a bench, etc. In a wedding situation, the availability of a neutral backdrop is often unknown, so you have to work with what you've got. But if you're in control, like say, in your own home, you'll be suprised how many items you can find that fit this description.


Okay, so despite the photos I've shared thus far, I actually love to layer items to give the details a little more depth. Simple is awesome, but it can feel a little boring if every photograph you take, has only one item in it. So grab some ribbon, seashells, flowers, fruit, scarf, etc. and get creative! That's the beauty of taking photos in a DSLR camera or on your phone... you can delete them later. So, take as many pictures as you want and have fun, cause they're not permanent!


This one is trickier than it sounds. There is literally nothing more frustrating than getting home and realizing there was a dust bunny or fuzz or bug or piece of paper or tissue or phone charger behind your items in your detail shots. Take the time to scan the enivronment, and make sure there isn't any trash or random items behind what you're photographing. Of course, this also applies to any and all other photo situations as well! I can't tell you the number of times I have told myself "I'll fix it later, no worries." Don't be like me! It only takes a few seconds to move a phone charger. It will save you so much time and energy in post-production if you GET IT RIGHT IN-CAMERA!

That's it! Those are my top 5! I had a few others I wanted to share, but I think I'll save them for another day. I hope this gave you a few ideas and some motivation to get creative! Until next time!!

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