Leap Year Wedding

Updated: Jan 21

Y'all have already had the pleasure of meeting Joe and Lex, but I couldn't resist sharing some super sweet shots from the most perfect beach wedding!

Let's start with the details!! Lex chose the most timeless, delicate and simple pieces to compliment her gorgeous gown. And let's be honest, Lex could make a burlap sack look incredible!

The ceremony

I have never met a couple more relaxed and pleasant on their wedding day! I will start by saying, their ceremony was about thirty minutes behind schedule. But did they show even the slightest amount of stress? Absolutely not, they remained cool as cucumbers. Not to mention, in the midst of phone calls and text messages from Joe, her sister in law, her mother, etc. I was there photographing every move she made!

The ceremony took place in south Jacksonville beach, the most perfect little spot, with the most perfect little view! I enjoyed every second of their beautiful, charming celebration of love!

I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity to capture their wedding day! Joe and Lex have been a dream to work with! Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Duffy!!!

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