Lifestyle Family Sessions!

Hey y'all! Happy Tuesday! I have to admit, I've been a little behind this week. BUT, I'm back at it! Done is better than perfect anyway, right? I'm excited to share some tips from my most recent lifestye family session, with the cutest family of six (including brand new baby) you've ever seen!

1. Time of Day!

When you're working with natural light, it's important to think about where your light is coming from and how much of it will be seen at a specific time of day. For instance, my most recent session was in a home. In the master bedroom of my client's home to be specific. There was a lovely, very large window on one side of the bedroom that provided the majority of light for the room. I had my client send me a few photos of the room at different times of the day prior to our photoshoot. Because the window was so large, the wrong time of day could make a huge difference for how dark or bright the lighting is. Too much sunlight might cause really uneven light in photographs. Too little sunlight might cause a grainy (decreased sharpness) characteristic to your photographs. So, try to plan your photo session where the light for the room is soft and even. I find that late morning or late afternoon provide the most even light.

2. Have the Bribes Ready!

When I photograph lifestyle shoots, it is often with my sweet families of two, three, four, etc. My families typically have more than one kiddo. And more times than not, that second kiddo is usually a toddler. I'm going to be honest and tell you; toddlers don't enjoy taking photos. BUT, they do understand cause and effect. They understand that they can be rewarded for following directions accordingly. This is where bribes come in handy. Have a toy, snack or reward ready to provide for your toddler immediately following their photo op. It makes things run smoothly from the start and makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

3. Think About Nap Time!

Although, I just spent quite a bit of time talking about toddlers; this particular point is more focused on your brand new baby. My lifestyle shoots often coincide with a sweet new addition to the family! Baby number two, three, four, etc. You want your brand new baby to be asleep during your pohoto session! It will be easier to manipulate them, and easier for the family to follow posing prompts. Of course, it is also okay if mom has to breast/bottle feed them during the photo session to maintain that sleepy vibe. Typically once they're fed, they will go right back to sleep. They will look snuggly and warm and mom will have to spend less time consoling them.

4. Don't Wait Too Long!

Don't wait longer than 7-10 days after baby is born to plan your session! At this point, you have most likely been in contact with your client and are in the process of scheduling with them. Provide as much information to your client as possible! I can't stress this enough! Your client should know exactly what to expect and why. One of the very best things you can do for your client, is to prep them ahead of time. Remind them that this is supposed to be fun! Lifestyle means you are interacting with your client in their normal routine. It's their life! You don't have to force anything. You're simply allowing your clients to do what they are used to doing in their day to day lives.

As always, I hope you find this Tuesday Tips/Tricks post helpful! I truly enjoy sharing with you each week (mostly each week) and giving you a little glimpse into my thought process before and after my sessions!

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