Photographing a Toddler

Happy Tuesday y’all! This Tuesday I’m focusing on ways to make a family photoshoot slightly easier. So, let’s talk toddlers! Photographing a toddler isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes they cooperate with minimal prompting. Sometimes it requires an act of God to get them to smile for the camera.

1. Prepare Your Parents!

Tell your parents what to expect in their session. Whether you are photographing mini sessions, maternity or family sessions, it’s important to prep your families ahead of time. Because I prefer lifestyle photography, I like to remind my parents that the photo experience should be fun. It should be an opportunity to act silly, giggle and have tickle fights. It should capture all the fun, goofy personalities within the family. I have found that most families prefer photographs that are candid and energetic. Reminding them to have fun prior to your session, helps to ensure that they enjoy the experience.

2. Have Snacks Ready!

When it comes to little munchkins, you can’t have enough snacks. Let’s be honest; even when I’m hungry I’m cranky. If your toddler starts to get a little tummy grumble, it’s best to have something on hand that prevents a full meltdown. Unfortunately, little ones can’t control their emotions the way adults can. If you already have a toddler, you are probably well aware that this is a necessity.

3. Bring an Extra Set of Hands!

If possible, I recommend bringing grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, friend, etc. to help. When it comes to toddlers, there can never be enough hands. And i find that most grandparents and family members love to be a part of their loved ones photography experience.

I could probably come up with a dozen more tips and tricks to use for family photo sessions, but I'll save that for another day. Happy Tuesday y'all! I hope this finds you well!

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