Photographing Someone Taller Than You

It's Tuesday and you know what that means...Tips & Tricks from yours truly! In case you didn't know, I am only 5"3' and I often photograph people who are taller than me. Shocking, I know! So, knowing how to pose them appropriately so you're not catching them at a not so great angle, is important. There are so many instances where I use these tricks, so I thought I'd share with my shorties out there. Of course, these tips aren't just helpful for photographers, but anyone wanting to capture a quick photo of a friend who happens to be taller than them.

1. Have Them Sit!

This is one of my favorites, becuase honestly, sitting is universally flattering. This angle is good for EVERYONE! Shooting from above looks good on every single body type. When you're taking photos in a seated position, it's very difficulty to have a double chin, which happens to be a sensitive area for many people. It elongates your neck and adds a slimming factor to your arms and tummy area. It automatically slims from top to bottom. It's super flattering for my clients and super convenient for a shortie like myself.

2. Get Some Distance!

Bring out the wide angle lens and have some fun. It is very difficult to notice height difference when you're several yards away. It also gives you a fantastic opportunity to add in a little variety with framing and composition!

3. Bring a Bench!

This has saved me on so many occasions! Sometimes a little extra height is all you need. A one foot step stool can work wonders when your client or model is 6"3'! I invested in a super cute blue one because this happens far too often not to. It's also very handy in most situations.

I hope these few tricks are helpful the next time you photograph someone taller than you. Which, in my case, happens on a regular basis. Happy Tuesday y'all!

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