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Let's talk favorite products! We all have them! Maybe it's your favorite drink? Your favorite shampoo? Your favorite coffee brand? (hint - this one is on my list). Whatever it is, it tells people a lot about you! I use these on a daily basis! By the way, I am not sponsored for any of the items I am about to share with you, I just really love them! Are y'all ready for my top 5?! Let's do it!


Since college I have had extra sensitive skin and a hard time keeping it clear. Stress has a particularly negative impact on my skin. I've tried literally everything under the sun to keep my skin in check. I recently invested in a brand called Averr Aglow! I. Have. Fallen. In. Love!! It turns out, the creator and CEO had the same issue and was inspired to make a change in the skincare industry for people who suffered from chronic skincare problems. It is made from natural, plant-based ingredients and it keeps my skin feeling nourished. When you have sensitive skin, that's hard to do. It also smells AMAZING! I'm kind of a sucker for natural ingredients and a pleasant smell. This brand has both! Check out their instragram @averraglow for all the details! You will not regret this purchase!

Skincare Continued...

Okay, it probably seems like I'm obsessed with my skin, but I really just appreciate high quality products that last a long time. Ecotools happens to belong on that list. For as long as I can remember, I used my hands to apply my makeup. I'm not kidding. My hands y'all! One day I was walking through Target (the source of all things amazing) and I found these cute little brushes. They were relatively inexpensive, one of my favorite colors, ecofriendly and made with super soft bristles. I had to try them! So I did! And I have never looked back! I am not exactly a contour girl, so I really only use the large foundation brush, but if ever I decide to get a little extra creative with my makeup routine, I hae eco friendly tools to use!

Coffee Anyone?

Shout out to my coffee lovers out there! Some of you might even be reading this with a mug in your hand! And that's part of the reason we're friends! I'm right there with you! Cheers!

So my hubby and I have lived in St. Augustine together for almost five years now (holy moly time flies). When we first moved here, we would often spend our Saturday mornings at our local farmer's market. Like clockwork, we would order a coffee at the most fun, colorful food truck! We fell in love pretty quickly! When I'm not drinking my Skinny Brew from ItWorks, we drink Grower's Alliance Kenyan coffee! It is rich, full bodied and so yummy! They also have the cutest little store front and the most incredible customer service! You can visit their website! I highly recommend a quick stop if you ever visit our lovely city of St. Augustine!

Protein For The Win!

If you haven't noticed already, I like to purchase and consume things with natural ingredients. My girlfriends and I decided to do a Whole30 experiment for the month of January and that's where I discovered Primal Kitchen. If you're not sure what Whole30 is; it's basically an elimination diet that helps you figure out what foods work best for your body. It was not the most fun month, BUT I learned a ton about which foods work well in my body and which ones don't. That was essentially the point of our month long experiment! Primal Kitchen has this super yummy protein mix called Primal Fuel (! I love this stuff so much! Not only because it curbs my appetite for hours but because it is delicious! It's basically healthy chocolate made from natural ingredients. What else could you ask for in a protein?

Last but NOT Least

Who's feeling "bubly"? I recently fell in love with carbonated water. I used to absolutely hate it! Remember that elimination diet I mentioned? One of the rules is no alcohol. Makes sense when you're trying to improve your health, right? Most of you know I like to enjoy a glass a wine here and there, so this was a hard rule for me to follow. Needless to say, Bubly saved me during this time! I started substituting a carbonated water for wine and it's now one of my favorite drinks to enjoy. There are a ton of brands out there, Bubly just happens to be my favorite! And it's sold in all the places I shop, which makes it easy to enjoy!

As always I would love to hear from you! Drop a comment, message me on Facebook or Instagram! Can't wait to hear about your favorite products!

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