The Sunlight Trick

Happy Tuesday y'all! Today's post is short and sweet. When I first started photographing, I didn't quite understand lighting. Let me rephrase that, I knew absolutely nothing about good photography lighting. I would take picture after picture and couldn't understand why I wasn't getting that dreamy look that a lot of professional photographers have. BUT, I was willing to put in the effort to learn, so I signed up for a few free webinars, and holy moly did that change my life. I learned a simple trick from Amy and Jordan Demos (one of my favorite photography duos). This simple trick will make all the difference in your photographs.

Let's take a look at the first photo shall we? Do you see how the light is harsh, and I am squinting? There are dark shadows under my eyes and you can see every wrinkle, nook and cranny on my face. That is how your clients feel when they take photos with the sunlight directly in their eyes. It is uncomfortable and having to count to three to open your eyes, isn't exactly practical for an entire photoshoot.

Now, let's take a look at the next photo. Do you see how the light is softer? I am not squinting, nor do I have to count to three to open my eyes to survive the harsh light. Backlighting is where the magic happens! Of course, neither of these photos is taken with a professional camera and that tends to impact the overall quality of an image as well. BUT, whether you are taking photos with your phone or with a DSLR camera, you can utilize light to improve the quality and dreaminess of your photographs. To avoid dark shadows under your subject's eyes and the look of wrinkles and intense creases, photograph them with the light behind them.

I hope you find this helpful! Happy photographing!

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