Three Tips for Photographing a Dog

Hey y'all! Happy Tuesday!! I hope this post finds you well! Today's "Tuesday Tips/Tricks" is focused on photographing a sweet pup. If you don't already follow my photography page, you should know I am obsessed with my doggo. Despite the fact that she is adorable and I love her, she doesn't always cooperate when I'm taking photos (which is pretty frequent). I'm going to share a few things that may make the process a little simpler.

1. Treats, Treats & More Treats!

This seems obvious, but it's really easy to forget to bring them along to a photoshoot. It's particularly important to have treats for a pup who is motivated by food (like my Zoey girl). Not to mention, when you are holding the treat, the dog tends to look in your direction. The dog is focused on you AND you get a picture with them looking at the camera. Win Win!

2. Bandana!

I love the look of a bandana! It doesn't just look adorable, it also serves as a cover for your pups collar if they happen to be wearing one. You can really have some fun with this one! It can be functional or funky. You can personalize it! You can even create your own with some extra fabric. The bandana world is your oyster!

3. Keep it Simple!

It can be challenging to get your sweet fur baby to cooperate; especially if you are in a busy environment. The more comfortable your animal is in an environment, the easier it will be to maintain their focus. If you have a wild pup like mine, who is distracted by even the smallest noise, consider taking photos at home. If your doggo is well behaved and easy to redirect, then let your imagination run wild! You know your sweet fur baby more than your photographer, so help her choose a photography location that will work best for your pup.

Oh, and don't forget to have fun!! Cheers to Tuesday!

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