Where do I even begin?!

Let me introduce you to this bombshell! So, I met Vanessa a few months ago via Instagram. She messaged me praising my work and making me feel like a rockstar. Thanks for that girl! Of course I followed her in return and learned quite a bit. Vanessa is a massage therapist, pageant queen, model, fitness guru and advocate for the Learning Disabilities Association of America. Not only is she involved in her community, but she is a genuinely real person who strives to be her best.

Downtown St. Augustine!

Can you say #gorgeous?! I absolutely love shooting in Downtown St. Augustine. Specifically on a chilly afternoon when very few people are walking around. We shot at the Lightner Museum and Magnolia Avenue. There is this exquisite walkway just outside the Lightner Museum with beautiful, unique window frames and rustic light fixtures. The background is simple and perfect. Check it out at

Where do I even begin with Magnolia Avenue? Tree canopies for days! Magnolia Avenue is really simply a long road with gorgeous Magnolia trees lining the street. It also happens to be the location of a super cute lemonade/coffee shop ( and the Fountain of Youth ( St. Augustine is full of surprises and I'm obsessed with all the adorable little spots along it's historic streets!

My girl Vanessa!

Vanessa was beyond easy to work with. She required basically zero instruction! This girl couldn't take a bad picture if she tried. Her ease in front of the camera made our photo shoot super fun and enjoyable. In less than an hour I had taken nearly 500 pictures! Which isn't entirely surprising if you've ever been a model for me (my poor husband). Vanessa was named Ms. Massachusetts, Miss Duval County USA, and Ms. Southern States! This girl is the total package! Check out her modeling/fitness/pageant journey on her Instagram page at Thank you for being an incredible model, Vanessa! I can't wait to work with you in the future girl!

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